MJK Horse Transportation
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DOT#2480456   MC#903344  
UCR registered - WI DATCP Animal Trucker License #402722
Commerically insured - Artisan and Truckers Casualty Co, 800-444-4487
    We own and operate trailers we custom designed specifically for our hauling horses; a 2020 Wilson 8 Horse and 2018 Cimarron 4
    Horse.  Both have stall dividers from floor to ceiling for private, no-contact stalls for each horse.  Our trucks include a 2018
    Ram 3500 Dually, 2019 Ram 3500 Dually, & 2020 Ram 3500 Dually.  We provide professional horse transportation services from
    coast to coast in the USA.  Transportation to/from multiple quarantine or professional training locations in the USA for overseas
    clients in Europe, Australia, and more.  Connections available for transport to/from Canada as well.  

    We take a lot of pride in being a reliable hauler that is on-time, great in customer communication, and always providing a safe
    and comfortable transport for your horse!  Offering a high-quality haul at very reasonable rates!  Discounts for return clients,
    multiple horses or stalls on a haul, & customer referrals.
Our 8-Horse Wilson trailer:
    ~  8' wide      
    ~  7' 11" inside height
    ~  7 single stalls - 40" wide     
    ~  8th stall 99"/51" wide
    ~  Insulated roof and vents for each stall
    ~  Slant load with rear loading step-up or side loading ramp options
    ~  Drop-down windows on head & tail side for increased air-flow
    ~  Safety bars on every drop-down window
    ~  Bright, L.E.D lighting throughout the interior and exterior
    ~  Werm Flooring - Similar to a spray-in bedliner for a truck, this high-end
    flooring means no small section mats on the floor that can be pawed up or
    create gaps where manure can go underneath the mats.  We also add a
    thick layer of stall shavings in each stall for comfort and absorbency.
Large or small,
mares/foals or
we have experience
in hauling a wide
range of horses,
ponies, mini's,
mules, and more!
Full, solid bottom, stall
dividers from the floor to
the ceiling with airflow
grates.  Perfect for hauling
foals, mare/foal, mini's,
and all!  Removing one
stall divider makes a very
safe, large double boxstall
allowing the horse to lie
down and/or turn around.
We keep hay and water in front of the horses at
all times.  We store water on the trailer so it is
available at every stop no matter where the
location may be or what facilities are
available.  We stop every 3 hours to refill the
hay bags and water buckets and check the
horses on board.  Keeping our horses hydrated
and relaxed during the haul ensures our horses
arrive healthy and happy!
Each horse has
his/her own bucket &
hay bag for the haul.  
We clean & disinfect
both between routes.  
Our horses do not
share any hay bags or
water buckets with
another horse during
the route.  
Horses may be
blanketed or leg
wrapped for hauling.  
With owner
permission, we will
remove blankets or
wraps during route if
the weather warms up
during the haul.  
Weanlings (or mini's, etc) that
are familiar with each other and
belonging to the same client
may share a boxstall.  Some
weanlings when sold together
haul best with a 'buddy' along
side and we always recommend
hauling young foals untied and
in a boxstall.  
International/overseas transportation:
We have contacts for great quarantine
companies we work with for overseas
hauling requests.  Private hauling also
available to the airport from quarantine
to load for the flight.  
How to Request A Quote!

E-mail MJKQH@hotmail.com

Information to include:
1) Your name and phone number
2) Number of horses -
Single tie stall or double boxstall?
3) Pick-up Location - City, State, Zip
4) Drop-off Location - City, State, Zip
5) Timeframe Preferred
More References/Reviews Available on our Facebook page at
Vickie Ehrlekrona
“We want to thank you for the excellent
care of our beautiful spotted boy. He
arrived a day ahead of schedule and was
none the worse for wear. A special thank
you to Ashley Koeller for her wonderful
care of our spotted boy while in
Lancaster, WI and her great customer
service. THANK YOU!”

Sara Peterson
“Spectacular service and professional
honest people to work with! Animals are
treated as their own and arrive in a timely
manner in tip top shape!”

Melissa Purser
“Thank you, MJK Quarter Horses, you
guys did an exceptional job bringing
BOTH my babies to Tennessee! Bones
and Miss Fancy Butts are healthy and
happy!! And you were here ahead of
schedule! You guys are amazing!”

Stephanie Porter Sieradzki
"A professional, class act from start to
finish. Just cannot say enough great
things about the transaction and the haul.
Super easy to work with; fantastic
communications. I have had hauls done in
the past where it appeared the horse
traveled through a black hole once it got
on the trailer, because there was NO
communication. This haul was the exact
OPPOSITE of that! Thank you!!”

Lin Moore
“Thank you, Mike and Ashley, for your
hard work and excellent care of our baby
on his very first trailer ride which was a
long, long way! You all rock...thank you
so much!”

Dawn Strohecker
“Very good. Horse arrived safe and sound
:) ”

Catherine Ehlen
"Thank you very much for the transport
of the two foals to Texas. We arranged
everything by email and everything was

Sherrie Nichols
"Thank you to MJK for an excellent haul!
Ashley Koeller Mjk did a great job
communicating before and during the trip.
Our mare arrived happy and healthy!"

Nancie Carlson
"Absolutely awesome transporting
service! Highly recommend them. Thanks
for getting Snoozer back safely and on
time!!!!!" & "I just recently set up hauling
with MJK and I have to say they are top
notch. Excellent experience. Great to talk
to. Excellent communication. I highly
recommend them. And great prices too! :)"

Trudy Loftis
"They did a great job bring a horse to me
in North Carolina and the rates are good

Amy Scott
"EXCELLENT Shipper ***** (<- 5
stars!) excellent communication, fast,
safe delivery."

Diane Miller
"Thank you for delivering my new mare
home from Texas safely. Also, for
delivering our filly to her new home in
Pennsylvania and mare to her new home
in Ohio.  I will certainly recommend you
in the future and use your services again."

Justin J
"Excellent right on time. Good care take
of our mare. Very very reasonable rates
and they kept in contact through out the

Cari-Terry Zenkawich
"I highly recommend MJK. Thank you!!"

Julie Marweg
"Great communication!  Safe, reliable haul
every time!  Highly recommend you!"
Dawn Johnson-Evans
“Great communication and just super to
deal with.”

Nicole Matthews
“MJK, You guys were great and highly
professional! Thank you again for taking
good care of our mare!”

Terri Occhipinti
“Thank you MJK Horses for getting
Thunder from MN to LA. You did a great
job making his trip safe and comfortable.
Will recommend you to haul for sure."

Sara Van Den Elzen
“Truly top notch service!! Ashley went
above & beyond throughout the entire
process, from the initial quote all the way
to unloading the horse & making sure he
was safely settled in his stall.
Communication was excellent!! I was
never left waiting for a response. I got
updates while my horse was en route, and
he arrived right on schedule. I will use
MJK again, and I highly recommend them
to anyone who needs a horse hauled.”

Viki Rousseau Arnold
“Mjk Horses haul for me and do a great
job too. I would definitely recommend
them to anybody and I will use them

Nikki Schwaller Huiting
“Mjk, Thank u VERY much, you guys are
GREAT! I will definitely use you guys
again and recommend you!”

Chantel B
Wonderful!!!! Kept me informed with
updates. Very professional. Great
knowledge of how horse people want
their horses handled and have great safe
and new trailer. I could have not asked it
to go any smoother or better."

Jenny Schmitt
"Thank you for getting my horse home
safe. You did an excellent job
communicating throughout the trip and
handled my not so experienced gelding

Wendy Grundner
"Just wanted to give a shout out to MJK
Quarter Horses & Horse Transportation.
They hauled a mare to me, they were very
professional and easy to work with."

Karyl Hylle
"Super happy customer! Great
communication and service for a very
reasonable rate. My knucklehead was
delivered safe & sound in great shape.
Very nice people, highly recommend."

Dawn Strohecker
“Thanks so much for hauling my special
boy safely to Texas! Once again you guys
are the best!”

Kimberly Raney
"Thank you for being the most amazing,
helpful people I know in the horse world.
Every step of the way you have been
honest and compassionate! Thank you!"

Meghan Jensen
"Pretty Quarter Horses and I would be
happy to be on your reference list. You're
trailer was lovely, your husband was very
nice at pickup for a mare and her 2 week
old foal and handled the horses great. The
new owner said the horses arrived in
great condition. We would be happy to
use and recommend you again."

Kim Ratkiewicz
"Fabulous service from beginning to end
and great communication. Highly
recommend and will use them again."

Lisa Herman
"Thanks so much Ashley!  He has settled
in perfectly.  So appreciative of both you
and Mike for making this go so well!
I will highly recommend you!  Take care!"
Kyle & Teya
“I highly recommend these people. They
have hauled for me a few times and take
good care of their animals. They keep you
updated on your horses when hauled.
Good nice legit people to deal with and
best of all they don't charge an arm and a
leg to haul. They have the best prices I
have seen yet. Although I personally
haven't met them in person my husband
has and I have talked with them on the
phone. They are all around good horse
people. Look them up on Facebook - MJK
Quarter Horses & Horse Transportation."

Heather Lucas
MJK did an excellent job.  I loved how the
drivers they sent were knowledgeable did
an excellent job and went above and
Beyond.  I will be using you again in the
future.  Your rates are very reasonable
once I looked up my time effort and
money... it was just as reasonable to get
you to ship.  My mare was well taken
care of and had her feet trimmed by
Marvin as soon as she came off the
trailer.  Excellent Guys. LOVE your
Service can't say enough good.  Will
recommend you to everyone I know!!!  If
anyone wants to ask the details, you can
PM me on facebook.  I'll definitely let you
know how good they were and how well
they do with nervous customers.  Ashley,
you also went Above and beyond.  You
are great and so is your company."

Kristine J
Great shipper! My horse was picked up
and delivered with no issues at all.
He arrived looking happy and relaxed.
Driver clearly had taken the time to get to
know my horse too, which I appreciated.  
Communication via email and phone was
excellent as well.  I can highly
recommend this shipper!

Holly Lauth
"You guys are awesome!!!"

Jill Henningsen
"I will definitely use this company in the
future. I just can't say enough good things
about them. They are very particular, and
when you are shipping horses, everyone
knows how important that is. From
cleanliness, to communication, to
timeliness to price, all were excellent and
much appreciated. They truly care about
the horses, and they are careful in every
way. They care about the comfort of the
horse owner too, and went beyond the
usual to make sure we were happy. A true
professional operation!"

Dalora Schafer
"Mike Koeller just picked up two horses
we sold and have heading to quarantine in
Texas. We wanted to say he was very
helpful to us and very patient with the two
year old stud colt who took about 15
minutes to get loaded. He was not wanting
to get into the trailer at first for whatever
reason which is unusual for him but it
was the fact. Anyway, Mike took the
center divider out so the colt felt more
comfortable and he loaded up in just a few
minutes. We appreciate the help, Mike
Koeller and hope you have a safe trip and
traveling mercies. Al and Dalora Schafer"

Tonja D
"Wonderful, is the first that comes to
mind when going through the transport of
my horse. Ashley was amazing and
keeping me informed on the progress. She
was great about dealing with the time
sensitivity. I couldn't have asked for a
better team to help me with this move.
They were gentle and caring, and went
above and beyond what was asked. I
would definatly use Ashley and her team
again in the future! Thank you again SO
very much."

Murphy McKee
"Our babies arrived happy and healthy
with no bumps or bruises!  Thank you!"
Amanda Vankirk
"Thank you for my mare getting here safe
and sound and on time.  You kept me in
the loop- very wonderful service!!! Will
use you again some time!!"

Davina Luckett
"Hey, anyone looking to get their horses
hauled, Look No Further!!!  It doesn't get
any better than these guys!  Very
Professional, and GREAT
COMMUNICATION!  They picked up
one of my mares and they were very
prompt and courteous.  Just some
AWESOME Horse Haulers....I will use
them again!!!!!  Thank You"

Michelle Row
"Ashley, thank you so much for
everything. I have already recommended
you to 2 other people I know arranging
transport for horses. Thanks for the
excellent care provided and letting me
drive you crazy. We will see you out

Stephanie Faye
I am SO glad I got contacted from MJK
before anyone else. I had my horse hauled
316 miles and it was a last minute deal so
I was jumping things around and it was
all a little stressful. Ashley was soooo
helpful and answering all of my questions
and working with me to give me options
and problem solve. Everything went
much smoother than I expected. My
horse was picked up and over-nighted
with their haulers and brought the final leg
in the morning. It was January and very
windy and snowy and my drivers were
safe and thoughtful and kept me up to
speed the whole time. Not to mention it
was way more reasonably priced than I
expected. I would work with MJK again
in the future and definitely recommend
them. I typically don't take the time to do
reviews but it's awesome when a
business meets and exceeds expectations
so I just wanted to acknowledge them.

Karen Friesen
"Thank you MJK Quarter Horses & Horse
Transportation for bringing my new girl
home! She seems to be settling in well.
Lots of work ahead of us! Love the
champagne color. Lovely arab movement
with that touch of ASB and Friesian
showing thru. ;)"

Melanie Phillips
"Ashley and Mike are awesome! They
moved my horses from CA to MI and
accommodated a layover until I moved!
My horses were treated with high quality
care and arrived safe and sound. I will be
using them again in the future! :)"

Tina King Duncan
"Thank you Mike & Ashley for our
Beautiful Arkansas boy Missouri
Foxtrotter "Rocky" he is so Beautiful. We
are so excited thanks for your Great
Service of hauling him to us in Ohio."

Jamee L Golan-Borstein
"You guys do a great job! Thank you!"

Amy Brookens
"I highly recommend using you and Mike
for all my hauling needs. You guys are the

Lisa Novacek
"I just used Mike and Ashley Koeller,
MJK Quarter Horses & Horse
Transportation. I have used them multiple
times now and each and every time they
have been AMAZING to work with.  
Professional, friendly, constant contact
along the route, always easy to reach,
stick to their time line and give excellent
care to my horses. They've hauled both
pregnant mares and foals and have done a
wonderful job with ALL. Really
appreciate their great service!"
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